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Welcome to Our Connecticut Site!

The Connecticut Society of Mayflower Descendants welcomes inquiries and appreciates interest in our activities and publications. Our members all have demonstrated direct descent from the Pilgrims or their companions who bravely crossed the gale-ridden Atlantic in the Mayflower in 1620.

We have organized as a society to commemorate the spirit of these brave people who had such strength in times of adversity. Beginning with the signing of The Mayflower Compact, our ancestors created a self-governing community founded upon democratic principles.   

We invite you to read our newsletter, Nutmeg Gratings, published three times a year as a benefit to members and as a means to educate the general public about our organization. Past newsletters are archived on our website. Newsletter Archive.

Learn more about our Junior Affiliate Program and our Scholarship Program. Both are benefits of membership in the Connecticut Society of Mayflower Descendants that help families fully engage with their Mayflower ancestry.

October 23, 2021
Draft Minutes of Annual Membership Meeting

Next General Meeting - April 23, 2022 

Venue to be announced. 

Membership Eligibility

You are eligible to join our society if you can provide documentation demonstrating that you are a direct descendant of a passenger who sailed to New England on the Mayflower in 1620.

If you believe you would qualify as a member, we urge you to complete our Lineage Synopsis Form. If you have questions about completing the Lineage Synopsis Form, please contact Midge Hurtuk.

CT Society Officers

Governor - Gregory E Thompson 

Deputy Governor - Kerry Comisky

Recording Secretary - Katherine Simmons

Corresponding Secretary - Nancy Merwin

Treasurer - David Grant  

Historian - Midge Hurtuk  

Elder - Rev. Jean Knapp  

Captain - Bill Lane  

Archivist - Ken Roach

Board of Assistants   

Mary Brown 

Sara Champion

Dayna Drake 

Joan Prentice 

Judi Thompson Paige

Randall Russell

General Society Officers 

Deputy Gov. General for CT -  Mary Brown

Asst. Gov. General for CT - Gregory E Thompson 

General Society Historian General - Midge Hurtuk


Committees for the Current Year


Brian Bristol


Nancy Merwin - Chair

Kelly Davis

Dayna Drake   

Sara Champion   


Gregory Thompson


Mary Brown

David Grant

Laura Raisanen


Carol Wilder-Tamme

Mary Brown

David Grant


David Grant 

Donald Studley 

Joan Prentice


William Lane


Nancy Merwin 


Judi Thompson Paige  







Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, William Halsall

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor by William Halsall, 1882, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth MA

Membership fee is $65.00. 
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Recreation of the original Plymouth Colony Village

View to the Sea at Plimoth Plantation, a reconstruction of the village of the Pilgrims.



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Joan Prentice Dues and Member Updates

Gregory Thompson Membership Info


Katherine Simmons      


William Lane

Joan Prentice


Dwight Hulbert 


Nola Johannes


Sandra Bullock


Carol Wilder Tamme

Gregory Thompson


Mary Brown - Chair

Julia Parker Post

Michael Pollock